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new media imagesSUMMARY OF SKILLS

Experienced user, quick and comfortable with adopting and adapting new applications in the areas of web design, multimedia production, document design, data organization and analysis, presentation, and professional networking and conversation
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Design websites using html coding, content management systems, and WYSIWYG applications

Edit/produce multimedia artifacts (audio, video, text and multimedia integration), using Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia Studio Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, etc

Create rhetorically effective presentations using Prezi, Adobe Presenter, and PowerPoint-- integrating multimedia

Use reference managers, databases, web applications (including EndNote, Mendeley, etc)

Use the web, cloud, and social media spaces in professionally productive ways (including blogs, wikis, and social networking applications)

Integrate audio/video conferencing into professional networking and conversation (including Skype, IMs, etc)

Blog about language, literacy, and life on personal site (www.shyamsharma.wordpress.com);
collaboratively blog about English language teaching and professional development of English language teachers in Nepal (www.neltachoutari.wordpress.com)

Design visually effective documents (using simple to advanced features of office applications)

Graduate of the Digital Media and Composition (summer institute, The Ohio State University), Summer 2009
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Learned about pedagogical approaches and practiced how to integrate digital and multimodal technologies in the composition classroom, working with a group of scholars/teachers of composition from across the country

Learned to edit, integrate, and teach audio, video, still, and other media; produced an audio public service announcement, a one-minute video, and a digital multimedia Sophiebook project (on the issue of motivation and navigating new technologies by people from different cultural backgrounds

Projects completed include (i) Public Service Announcement (30 second audio editing assignment), (ii) One Minute Video (collaborative project), (iii) Brief Sophiebook assignment (Thank you card), (iv) Final Sophiebook assignment


Proficient web designer, able to work with html coding as well as use various web design and content management programs
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Html coding: Use Dreamweaver and other WSYWYG programs, but html coding for building basic frameworks, troubleshooting errors, and in certain elements of web design like divs

• Dreamweaver: Use for working with css and php as well as html pages; integrate media and interactive feedback forms (using javascript and php)

• Web Design and ADA Compliance: Participated in training for designing accessible websites and had websites approved by university compliance systems; believe in accessibility as a useful feature for all users rather than an accommodation for some

• Plone and Joomla: Extensively used Plone for collaboratively developing websites, including in an educational institution where this content management system was set up to make it severely restrictive to lower level developers--which, in a strange way, forces users to be much more creative than when they can use WSYWIG programs like Dreamweaver; basic experiences using Joomla

• FTP software: Used several different file transfer protocol programs


Video, Audio, Image, and Integration: extensive experiences using them in personal and professional lives
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Video: Created a number of videos for promoting professional development initiatives. I've edited video with Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Element and I currently also work with Camtasia Studio Pro. I use Windows Movie Maker for lower end projects like creating and sharing videos of family events with other members of my family in the US, Japan, India, and Nepal. I use web-based as well as local applications like including Any Video Converter for converting video formats.

Audio: Used for teaching students in writing courses how to integrate sound in multimodal projects and presentations. I generally use Audacity for editing sound files, and I also use a variety of online and offline tools for converting audio files.

Images: Use various applications for producing and editing images. I am a fairly savvy user of Photoshop. I'm currently learning more advanced features of layer, filter, and masking. I created and edited images used in this site with Photoshop. I also use a variety of screen and movie capture programs like Greenshot and Jing for capturing and editing visual assets.

Integration: The power of media lies in their meaningful integration, as well as the choice of rhetorically appropriate medium for performing a certain task. When using and integrating different media into my work, I use the power of the web and constantly update myself on how to best use and integrate different media together.


Experienced user of Web 2.0 Applications, including wiki, blog, and various social media applications (for teaching, research, and professional networking/development)
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Wiki: Use wiki groups for collaboratively project assignments in the classroom; I've been supporting an initiative for teacher collaboration and professional development through use of wiki started by colleagues in Nepal English Language Teachers Association; and I use wiki to organize notes and resources for various personal and collaborative projects of various types. I have given three important presentations on the use of wiki for teaching writing and enhancing collaborative learning environment in the classroom: one for the UofL English Department Pedagogy Workshop Series, one for the UofL Delphi Center Dine and Discover Series, and a digital poster at the 2010 CCCC pre-conference workshop.

Blog: Regularly blog on personal and professional sites, on issues of language, literacy, and pedagogy. I blog personally (www.shyamsharma.wordpress.com), but I write more often on Nelta Choutari, a group blog that I started in 2009 and now coordinate with a few other members of the Nepal English Language Teachers Association; this blog now has more than 26,000 views and has become a respectable forum for professional conversation for this community. I've also used blog, and its less common version "journal" (available in Blackboard LMS), in the classroom.

Social Media: Use social media in pedagogically and professionally productive ways. As someone who is influenced by critical view about technology that scholars like Andrew Feenberg have promoted, I generally use the different social media for more serious purposes like academic and professional conversation. I have used Facebook's Group functionality for running conversations in small groups as an alternative to using email. I learn about, use, and consider emerging forms of social media seriously.


Highly proficient user of office applications including web documents and other cloud applications; spread sheet, survey tools; slides, word processors, portable documents, etc
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• Office Applications in the Cloud: Used web documents like Google Doc for synchronously and asynchronously drafting works with colleagues, often across global time zones; as an alternative to wiki, for synchronous collaboration; also used web-based spreadsheets, survey tools, visual editors, etc

• Traditional Office Applications: Used basic to advanced features of MS Word (macros, track Change, reference manager add-ons, mail merge, document layout and design, bookmarking, advanced find/replace, etc); used basic to advanced features of MS Excel (pivot tables, graphs/charts, sorting, formulas, transposing, etc); recorded and produced research reports using spreadsheet; used portable documents (for annotation, design, presentation, etc)

• Online/Offline Applications for Presentation: Used a variety of applications (Prezi, Adobe Presenter, PowerPoint) for creating rhetorically effective presentations, creating and integrating original multimedia artifacts (audio, video, text); used the multimedia production application Sophie Book (at the Digital Media and Composition institute)

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